Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Cyberdrome has a brand new look!

Cyberdrome has a brand new look (see below.) The new "re-imagined" cover turned out really well, thanks to several weeks of hard work by my brother and CGI-artist, Dave Rhea. The Kindle edition has been fully updated and new paperback will release in the next week or so.

The new edition of the upcoming paperback also has a different format: 5" x 8" and 380 pages, vs the original which was 6" x 9" and 280 pages. When Cyberdrome was released back in 2008, I wanted to make the paperback version as inexpensive as possible, so I made the font really small in order to squeeze a 380-page book into a 280-page format. This ended up being a little difficult to read for some older people, and also made the book appear far shorter than it really was. With this new edition, I have fixed all of those issues, and I hope new readers will enjoy. Click here to download the ebook. Otherwise, check back here in a week or so to see the full paperback jacket, which looks ever better!