Thursday, January 26, 2012

Is it greed or just a little OCD when we check our sales rank so often?

Two years ago, I remember a period during a 99c sale (which was rare back then) when my book was selling something like one book every hour, and I was elated. 20-30 books a day was spectacular, but I spent all of my time watching the sales rank, worrying about every little change. Then six months ago I stopped having sales, stopped most social networking, and tried to concentrate on my writing. As expected, my sales eventually died off, down to something like a book every few days, but I was actually content, because I had sold something like 4,000 books and thought maybe that was it. Time to let the other Indies have the spotlight and get my next book out.

Then, just as an experiment, I decided to join Amazon Select last week and try a 2-day giveaway. After an astounding (to me) 11,000 free downloads in 48 hours, I assumed my book--now priced at $3.99--would return to never-never land like so many others. But it was not to be. Since then my book has been selling 5-10 copies every hour (plus hundreds of borrows and overseas sales like I've never seen before) and while I am extremely grateful (earning more in 3 days than all of last year!), I am not "content" anymore. Why? Because now I'm back to obsessing over that darn rank and every time I see it inch up a notch (meaning I'm selling slightly fewer books-per-hour than before), I worry that the ride is over. I am now totally unable to write because all I can think about is how the book is doing right now compared to 15 minutes ago.

Is it really just greed (for more money or more readers) that make some of us obsess so much over these darn numbers, or is it really just a case of OCD? For the first time I can understand why some people can't handle success. I would hate to think that I'm one of them...

BTW, to me the greed /OCD issue comes from being concerned when my rank falls from 600 to 700, when last week it was 150,000! Being aware of these changes is fine, being obsessed with them is another.

And by "obsessed" I mean checking my KDP sales numbers and Amazon Rank every 15 minutes.

And by "every 15 minutes" I mean every 5 minutes.